Student Prison

Who could have dreamed up the visual feast that the student prison in Heidelberg turned out to be!


This is where miscreant university students were sent in the period from 1712 to 1914 to “serve time”. (They were still allowed to attend lectures during their incarceration!)


This two story holding pen for drinkers, duelers, and other deviants is stupendously graffitied and carved, every inch on every surface.


Wow and



4 thoughts on “Student Prison

  1. These are amazing sites (and sights)! I already see their resonance to your work. What a feast. As a side note, I’m tickled at the student prison. In my 20 years as a psychologist-on-call at BC … Well, let’s just say that students are performing the same damn misdeeds in the 21st century., that I gather they have been for a few centuries. Looking forward to your next post!


    • Their “imprisonment” ranged from a few days to a few months, tending towards shorter stays. Eventually it became a sort of badge of honor to be thrown in the student prison at keast once during your student days.


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