A Break from the Bones: Art Brut and More

Besides hunting down medieval bones in Germany and Czech Republic (Hannah Verlin’s quest ), I have been, as always, on the lookout for outsider art/art brut, and curious roadside attractions. We have been scoring big time in this department. I was happy that Hannah was so game for a rather ambitious day trip on a raw, rainy, and cold day to visit the out of the way Charlotte Zander Museum, south of Heidelberg, Germany. Charlotte Zander, who sadly passed away fairly recently had amassed the largest private collection of outsider art in Europe in her long life time: 40,000 works of art, 4,000 of which are on display in a lovely chateau-like building in the sweet, tiny town of Bonnigheim, Germany.                                        IMG_20150404_125426498_HDR                                                  It took us most of the day to see the whole museum    IMG_20150404_131334740                                         IMG_20150404_114624312_HDR                                                                                                                         IMG_20150404_110636793_HDR               and we were the only visitors the whole time we were there. Besides what is typically categorized in Europe as Art Brut ( as in the images above) -or in the USA, as Outsider Art, the Charlotte Zander Museum also has a broad and deep collection of folk art, particularly devotional paintings.                          IMG_20150404_110908852_HDR                                                                                                                            IMG_20150404_124401955          Happily Charlotte Zander daughter’s Suzanne, has taken on the directorship of the museum since her mother’s death so this very special collection will continue to be safeguarded and open to the public. Suzanne runs an outsider art gallery in Cologne (Koln), Germany, which we are planning to visit next week.

Our first day in Prague we stumbled on a top notch exhibition from Bruno DeCharme’s Paris ABCD collection, another important European collection of Art Brut.        IMG_20150412_114220994



IMG_20150412_104530585_HDR   IMG_20150412_110610803 We found this traveling exhibition at Prague’s DOX Museum of contemporary art, a very cool museum indeed, and nicely off the main tourist trail. Lots of other really cool and quirky work on exhibit at the DOX Museum:                                                    IMG_20150412_125218452_HDR           IMG_20150412_125416627

IMG_20150412_125310356                                             And finally, a lucky find to add to this post before signing off; enroute to a village in Poland, we stepped on the brakes for these two huge and astounding metal cows advertising a scrap metal business:                     IMG_20150410_124000830      IMG_20150410_124216062                                                                             IMG_20150410_124035747


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