Seasonal Quirk

I cannot resist one wee little seasonal post. It’s that time of year when even the most ordinary of citizens reveal their inner wackiness. Folks who wouldn’t dream of building a permanent yard art environment for fear their neighbors would scoff , are suddenly liberated by the holiday season to let their creative juices flow. IMG_20151205_194626332_HDR.jpg



Several themes have emerged this season. First of all: Climate Change. I notice that the seal above is on a mighty tiny iceberg, with free flowing water on all sides.


I have never seen the lawns this green in Massachusetts in December!


This is a year that the only snowmen we’re seeing are plastic and styrofoam. I am freaked,  they are freaked.


A dispiriting display of the North Pole:


Remember, it’s climate change not climate warming. Here, we have, not “away in a manger” , but “away on an iceberg”:




That’s what’s happening in Bethlehem. Here’s what’s going on in the Antarctica where that penguin migrated from:



And then we have the very American theme of Bigger is Better: (“I told you that chair was not for you!”).


And the Disney-fication of Christmas:



And then there’s the marvelous mash-up of incongruous characters: (Snoopy has fainted–I don’t blame him.)

IMG_20151217_101411165to the point where you really can’t figure out what the relationship to the holidays is anymore.  Darth Vader???  Uh oh, spoiler alert, maybe you should scroll really fast past this next image:


And there’s plenty of really personal statements being made on all these lawns:

Who knew? Turns out your neighbor is into bondage:


“No one we really like ever uses the front door, so go ahead and lay the string of lights across the threshold, honey. ”


“Well, they may have a whole purple house, but we like purple too. I don’t care if it’s a hippopotamus posing as a reindeer! It’s the only decoration that came in purple. Have yourself a very purple Christmas!”


Who said Americans weren’t into royalty? We love royalty!


Fun (?) fact I just heard on NPR on my drive home yesterday: Americans use more electricity on holiday decorations in one day than the entire country of Ethiopia uses for all its electrical needs on the same day. Feeling bad? Just use candles for your indoor lighting the rest of the year and we’ll be fine. Sorry–that was kind of a downer to end on–I actually love all this weird, ugly-beautiful stuff. The more the merrier!





PS, you can have dots or your house AND your car without even stringing up any lights–with this  latest gizmo–projected lights! No fuss no muss. The whole thing gets stored in a 12″ x 12″ x 10″ box. Now is that fair play?




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