5 thoughts on “Contact

    • Nice to hear from you, Gogi and thanks for following along! I know we’re FB friends, now i can add your email to my contact list. Hope to get by your place one day to see you/your pottery.


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  2. Jessica, I did not realize you wrote on this site monthly… I guess I have not been paying attention. I was thinking about one of your posts and went to go look for it and was stunned to see this incredible body of work… YOWZA!
    I am so excited about getting to read up!
    You have a rare talent for sharing and explaining art in the most delightful way! xxx Lisa

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    • Oh, Lisa, I am so happy you’ve dipped deeper into the well of “Quirk”. I’ve been a bit irregular with my posts depending on my time and mood. The election took the wind out of my sails as it felt frivolous, but not I think we all need little life-affirming stories…


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